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Massa, Fittipaldi, hit Sao Paulo streets in iconic Senna cars

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Prior to the F1 circus descending on Brazil for the nation's annual Grand Prix, a smaller event was held, as a tribute to the famed Brazillian driver Ayrton Senna took place Saturday, in Ibirapuera Park, and was free to attend, for any fans who sought to witness Felipe Massa, Emerson Fittipaldi, Pietre Fittipaldi, and Esteban Gutiérrez drive iconic Senna cars in the city.

The classic cars on the roster included the three-time champion's famous Lotus 97T, and his Toleman TG184, though there were also modern cars, courtesy of Mercedes and Renault, who brought their W06 and E20 respectively, chewing up several sets of pirelli's tyres, with the older cars only being allowed demonstration runs, up and down the straight.

Massa drove both the Toleman and Lotus, as Fittipaldi Sr had the chance to drive the Lotus while his kin enjoyed the Toleman just as Felipe had. Massa even re-lived Senna’s famous Brazilian flag act, in a similar fashion to that of his idol, who often held the flag of his nation after a win.

Suffice it to say, Massa thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to drive Senna’s most famous cars, particularly in the great company of the Sao Paulo fans. “I think it’s a great atmosphere,” said the now-Formula E-Venturi-driver.

“It’s a bit of a dream come true to drive in Sao Paulo, in the middle of the city, with the historical cars. That means a lot for the Brazilians, especially here in Sao Paulo. Senna was from Sao Paulo, and I am from Sao Paulo. It was definitely a great show and it was a good pleasure to be here, participating in this amazing event.”

No future F1 fan festivals are in order, but given the success of the Northern event in LA, and the the support for the event in the South American continent, another event similar to this is inevitable.

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