Massive Changes Coming To The Grand Tour For Season 2 - Update

1y ago


Good news! Your prayers have been answered!

There were a couple of things you guys wanted to be changed when Season 2 of The Grand Tour came around, an thank fully, your complaints have been noted!

First of all, we see that The American (Mike Skinner) has confirmed that he won't be returning for Season 2 as he didn't think his character was developed as he was told it would. This comes with voluptuous applause from viewers as many voted his as being the worst part of the first season.

So do you think this was the right decision?

Next, Celebrity Brain Crash has been replaced with 'Half-A-Romeo' - a new way of getting around the BBC's block on doing a celebrity interview section. While we don't know much about this, or whether it's even true, it certainly looks better than what we had before!

Are these good changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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Comments (57)
  • what about making an alfa go arround the track test without wet conditions for a start ....

    1 year ago
    1 Bump
  • I wasn't a huge fan of American Top Gear but I enjoyed Tanner Faust, I kept feeling like he would have been the ideal test driver because he's got the driving skills and the personality to keep up with Jeremy, James and Richard. Also a stunt driver and that never hurts.

    1 year ago
    4 Bumps
    • Actually a great idea

      1 year ago
    • great idea but isn't his season a bit busy still with the rallycross being all the damn time? every time I turn on the TV there is a rallycross event on and he's in most of them. damn good...

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      1 year ago


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