Massive Pile Up Highlight Major Safety Concerns In Race Track Design

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The FIA GT World Cup race weekend started with a major cluster, when a massive crash occurred during the qualifying race. Only four cars managed to finish the race, as the rest of the crowd got consumed by the strange literal bottleneck accident.

This accident highlights major issues with the layout of the Macau racetrack. The tiny streets, lack of proper runoffs and reduced visibilities guarantees that something like this has a high probability of occurring. Given that modern day sports cars are fairly large and wide, it's not a surprise that an accident like this happened, and on the first lap, nonetheless. As reported by Sportscar365: The massive pileup began when the reigning champion Laurens Vanthoor collided with Daniel Juncadella’s stopped Mercedes which had hit the barrier just tenths of a second earlier.

Watch the race from the beginning below:

Fortunately, no drivers were harmed during this race strange qualifying race. However, the same couldn't be said of motorcyclist Daniel Hegarty, who died from his injuries at the Macau Grand Prix, also this past weekend. The accident occurred at Fishermen's Bend, the same turn where Portuguese Luis Carreira lost his life back in 2012, as reported by the BBC. Hegarty came off his bike at the sharp bend during the sixth lap and collided with the barriers, while losing his crash helmet and receiving fatal injuries.

After this terrible race weekend race officials should be taking a very close examination as to how future fatalities and major accidents can be avoided. The narrow streets and high speed straights may necessitate a chicane or two just to cut down on future fatalities.

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Comments (8)
  • Both Macau and Monaco are NOT racetracks.

    they are ridiculous prestige projects that get their owners much wanted attention and cash.

    Never liked races here and this is just another example of the stupidity of these type of tracks.

    1 year ago
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  • totally disagree with your article. I was a manager for a Porsche team and have personally walked the entire track. the sections of the circuit is no different than Monaco and in poor weather conditions, drivers will misjudged their speed and end up on the barriers. Macau is the most challenging street circuit in the world and drivers don't get a second chance once they screw up.

    1 year ago
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    • Totally agree, on the bike side, bikes do not belong here

      1 year ago
      2 Bumps
    • I disagree that it is just like Monaco first of all the over all speed of the track is much greater. second and I think more importantly, the corner where the pile up accident occurred...

      Read more
      1 year ago


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