Masters of detailing

Hi guys & girls, thanks for taking a look at the "Masters Of Detailing" tribe. Over the coming weeks, we will be unleashing some pretty awesome content for you all to enjoy. This tribe will be all about the "uber clean". So expect to see product reviews, "How to" articles, WIP's & of course, beautifully prepaired vehicles. Whether you want to further your knowledge on LSP's or learn how to level lacquer. Masters Of Detailing will help you on your path to homing your skills & becoming a Jedi master of the wizardry that's detailing!

It's A Global Thing....

Ultimately, it's all about the tribe! Over the next coming weeks, we're going to make this tribe accessible to every member. In this industry, were always learning something new & magical. By giving access to you guys & girls, means we can share our knowledge, skills & WIP's. I mean, it would be pretty boring seeing one corner of the earth! So let's make this global & build a tribe we can all contribute too.

On top of this, we will be sharing perfect vehicles from around the globe! Whether it's a classic to a hyper car. 2 wheels or 18! Maybe it flys or floats. If it's paint is swirl free, makes sure you show the tribe. We wanna see those refined to perfection vehicles that people are enjoying around the world.

We look forward to building the tribe global, with like minding Pro's & enthusiasts. It doesn't matter what your working on, or what machine your polishing with. Let's join forces & make this great!

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  • Cool looking forward to the tips, I have just had my RR done and it's awesome

    1 year ago


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