The Nissan Skyline and the GT-R is perhaps one of the most iconic lines of cars on Earth, but can you match the right one to the right light? (Sufficient knowledge in the model names might help as well) Don't forget to post your result, and if you don't mind the shame, how many you guessed! HAHA

Let's start a bit obscure

  • DR-30 Skyline 2000 RS Turbo
  • HR-31 Skyline GTS-R

Getting into the classics

  • S-54 Skyline 2000GT
  • C-10 Skyline 2000GT-R

A classic

  • C-210 Skyline 2000GT-EX
  • C-110 Skyline 2000GT-R

Two rarities

  • R-30 Skyline 1800 TI
  • C-210 Skyline GT-EX

Possibly both unknown

  • R-30 Skyline Passage
  • HR-31 Skyline Passage

For this one, I suggest looking beyond the light

  • R33 Skyline GT-R*
  • ECR33 Skyline GT-S

An easy one I think

  • R32 Skyline GT-R
  • R33 Skyline GT-R

Look beyond the light

  • BNR34 Skyline GT-T
  • BNR34 Skyline GT-R

Please disregard the door

  • DR-30 Skyline 2000RS Turbo
  • C-210 Skyline 2000GT-EL

I really like these

  • DR-30 Skyline 2000 RS Turbo "Tekkamen" (Facelift)
  • HR-31 Skyline GTS-R


  • R32 Skyline GT-S
  • R32 Skyline GT-R

You must look beyond

  • R35 GT-R Black Edition
  • R35 GT-R Nismo

The Beginning

  • Prince ALSID-1 Skyline
  • Prince BLRA-3 Skyline Sport Coupe

And we end with the "end"?

  • Nissan Vision Concept GT 2020
  • Nissan Italdesign GT-R50
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