Matchbox Mercedes-Benz A Class

I don't normally collect Mercs... but when it's a cute hatchback I can't resist.

10w ago

So much to love! There's very very few Mercedes' in my diecast collection. But, I adore stupid little hatchbacks and surprisingly Mercedes mass produced one pretty recently. There's quite a few variations of this Matchbox car available. But, this black one with all the nice details really called out my name. I'm a little sad that it's not quite perfect. Things like the poorly stamped license plate tampo for example deter from all the great effort that was made on this car.

I will say that this is the SMOOTHEST rolling car I have in my collection. I set it up in my lightbox and it just wanted to roll away no matter how much I corrected the angle for the photoshoot. Finally I got it just perfect so the car would stay in one place. It's the first time I have encountered a diecast that wanted to zip away with little to no pitch. Pretty cool.

From the front angle the car is really sharp. Nice details overall. Wheels are a bit oversized, but a nice tasteful pattern with chrome that suits this car well. I like that the windshield wipers are black which is a cool detail.

Front Merc logo is chrome as it should be. Headlight detail is poor and the license plate is unfinished which looks lousy.

Proportions are nice. Amazingly, this is also the same exact scale as my Tomica version! 1:57 scale. Perhaps I should do a head to head comparison.

Rear angle is nice as well! Great details. But, once again, marred by a poorly set license plate.

Interior is nicely made. I was especially surprised they molded in the Mercedes logo in the center steering wheel. A nice touch!

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