Mathieu Macquart's Golf 2 rally - 450Bhp

Mathieu Macquart: While working for Volkswagen, some 20 years ago, I had the honour of meeting a client that drove the Golf Rallye. His was a red one.

4y ago

After driving it for about 15 days, it felt quite a different experience than the Golf2 G60 I drove before in terms of performance. It was a bit of a turndown and something needed to be done!

We started out with the bodywork and followed up with the mechanical job. The running gear was rendered as new and I asked a friend to take care of the engine in a few months time.

I drove that car for 5 years. With it, I managed to ruin 8 gearboxes and 2 axles, several transmissions and whatnot. The worst that could happen eventually did: The engine broke.

Overcoming initial disgust, it took me some time to realize what actions were at hand in terms of engine modifications as well as finding the proper parts and of course the necessary budget. It took me two years to be precise.

A proper makeover was due, a job for which I solicited Steve.

Small anecdote: I met Steve on the drag-race tracks I often visited. He drove a 500bhp Citroën AX 1.3 at the time.

That was more than enough reason to ask him to pimp up my precious in a professional manner.

Specifications :

_Sybel Stage 4 Engine managment system

_Chassis is based on a mix from differents Golf VR6 synchro , Rallye and S3 parts with a specific dutchbuild rear sub frame in order to fit the Haldex system. All bushes have been replaced by polyurethane ones.

_Spax coil over race suspension.

_Brake system: ABS system has been removed and replaced by a classic servo and brake master cylinder. Audi S3 front discs ans Megane RS Brembo brake calipers with specific mounting brackets. At the rear we have Zimmerman drilled discs and original brake calipers 38 mm.

_Gearbox: Original 6 speed gearbox with specific spacer, lightened Donth flywheel and Sachs race clutch kit.

_Haldex: Haldex management system has been replaced by a mechanical tap, adjustable from the dashboard.

_Exhaust: Complete exhaust system in 76 mm with 2 silencers and 4 in 1 header, made by JOSE Frt Motorsport.

_Cylinderhead: AGU type with specific inlet manifold to suit the Golf VR6 2.9 throttle body.Fast road camshafts, adjustable pulley and natrium filled valves.

_Engine: Forged pistons and connecting rods, ARP bolts set and trimetal shells. Borg Warner turbo with Tial Wastegate, pushing 1.7 bar boost. Charging at 4500 rpm and throwing flames at 7200 rpm. 680 cc injectors with Bosch 044 fuel pump. Golf 3 2.0 16v dashboard for the speedo, rev counter wired on the Sybel management, MFA showing oil temp. Extra gauges : lambda meter , oil pressure , boost pressure and EGT

Written by Kevin.

Illustrated by Jonas.

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Comments (3)

  • Beautiful car

      4 years ago
  • My first car... Golf II. 60 hp turbo. Bad engine, had one replacement engine... but besides that: reliable car with much, much great memory! So pimp it!

      4 years ago
  • хорош!

      4 years ago