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Matt Field runs a Formula Drift event with Dogecoin on his car

Field put Dogecoin on a top tier motorsport series podium.

4w ago

Saturday was a big day for drifting, it was Formula Drift's return to competition with Round 1 at Road Atlanta. Matt Field, driver of a C6 Corvette drift car, took second place at the event. I was watching the livestream and working on my recap article and noticed that Field was rep-ing a pair of decals for the now online infamous Dogecoin on his Corvette.

This is not the cryptocurrencies first foray in motorsport. You might remember back in 2014 when Dogecoin was plastered across the hood of a NASCAR. In this case, being someone who follows Field professionally and as a fan (and I drove in his car), he is an investor in the cryptocurrency joining in the fun like the rest of us.

Formula Drift | Larry Chen

Formula Drift | Larry Chen

Field's decals seem like they weren't noticed by many or maybe they were overshadowed by Elon Musk hosting Saturday Night Live that night and the affect his visit had on the currency. Whatever the price of a Dogecoin is, Field gets to say that he officially put Dogecoin on the podium of a top tier motorsport series!

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