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Mattmark reservoir

Since our main goal was to drive passes in southern France we had to go west from central Switzerland. We didn't want to go straight there. So I looked at the map and saw the Mattmark Road. Looked fine on the map. So we went there. Actually we wanted to go there during our June trip but due the lack of time we didn't do it back then.

View from the Parking lot at the end of the road

For the driving part, there is only the last few kilometers which is worth it. You drive to a lot of skiing towns on the way up. But near the top are some tight twisty corners and some long faster turns. So we pushed the cars a little bit harder and enjoyed the driving in Sport+ Mode were you can slide a little bit and the engine/exhaust makes some nice noises. The Temperature dropped to about 2° Celsius at the top and there were some snow flakes coming down. But still, time for pictures. :)

On the way down we decided to a take a quick look a Saas-Fe apperently some famous skiing resort. The road look good on the nav screen (which it wasn't) at the end of the road you stand for a big parking garage. Yeah, just turn around and get out of there asap...

So if you have time to kill, you are in the area and you like reservoir / lakes in the mountains take a look. If your looking for driving heaven, you are not in the right place. Now we know this one and it is still better than just driving on the main road to France.

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