Max Leveled In The id Game

No car for the Legends Tour? No problem!

12w ago

So, 1000 car levels later, I have hit the level cap in the id cap. No more free credits or Redlines for leveling up.

As there's a new batch of cars (Ford RS200, Fairlady Z, Track Manga, Lamborghini Centenario, Batman v Superman Batmobile and the TV Series Batmobile) that were added in the update this weekend that still haven't been made available, I still can post about how I have every car that doesn't have blueprints gated behind physical id-car only events at max rank. For now.

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  • I play super casually. Don't really understand all the fine points of the app. I bought the ID race track for my girls for Christmas. Looking forward to playing with it.

      2 months ago