Max Verstappen is giving up his Mercedes seat (video)

Here's your chance to own the future World Champion's AMG C63 S

3y ago

Just another Mercedes AMG C63 S that YouTubers the "Bucket Boys" ran into on Marktplaats, the Dutch eBay. Except this is no ordinary C63 S, if there even is such a thing. This beast belonged to a certain sensational young driver in Formula One - he even left his autograph on the dash - and now it's for sale starting at only €130K. I say "only" because as a future World Champion, according to the seller this car is likely to increase in value considerably. He might have a point, but then again, in the rate Max has been buying and selling cars the AMG's value maybe prone to some inflation in years to come.

Now we all know being YouTube stars can bring you both fame and fortune, but for all you potential owners out there (@Tim Burton?) I'm happy to report that for the Bucket Boys this type of daily transportation is not yet to be crossed off their bucket list. Ah well, at least they got to test drive it.

The video is subtitled for your convenience, so don't waste this opportunity to work on your Dutch. Want to join in the bidding frenzy? Click here.

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  • I'm reading the title and thinking - WTF is Mercedes SEAT. Do they have some sort of weird colaboration? And then it hits me...

      3 years ago