Max Verstappen Snatches Pole Position From Lewis Hamilton In The United States

Everything is bigger and better in Texas baby

4w ago

Formula 1 breaks into the United States of America once again and gives all of us fans a hell of a show that they have been waiting for. Everything is bigger and better in Texas, and that line once again is proven during qualifying today at Circuit of the Americas. Throughout all the practice sessions, we saw unstable cars being jolted around the bumpy COTA track, the Mercedes, who have qualified on the front row here since 2014, were struggling to find that extra grip and pace that they need to catch up to the bulls. Speaking of the Red Bulls, the championship contenders were absolutely wonderful the past couple of days, every single person in Red Bull needs to be working their hardest during these last races, and this week in Austin that hard work has shown up. Sergio Perez who will be at his home Grand Prix next time out is right on the pace this weekend from the get-go, nothing can stop the Mexican this week, every single session, every single lap is executed perfectly on the bumpy rollercoaster track. Perez has found the grip, pace, stability, and the confidence to put his Red Bull into the aggressive corners and kerbs. After topping out both practice 2 and practice 3, fans started to get their hopes up high that they would see Sergio achieve his first-ever Pole Position.

The 2-time race winner is calm entering corners and has finally found that race-winning and qualifying pace that he has been searching for, this is the Checo we know and love. Perez threw his RB16B over the bumpy surface that vibrates the cars and put his Red Bull on provisional pole, it was then and there where we thought Perez would manage to get his Maidan Pole, but then his teammate came around and put himself on the front row. Max Verstappen achieves Pole Position today in Austin, Texas, the track that was once dominated by the Silver Arrows is now seeing a change occur, yet, the Mercedes has not left completely. Lewis Hamilton, who was struggling all weekend with traction, pace, and instability with his W12 still set some purple sectors and pulled up right behind his rival. The star of today, Sergio Perez, took his highest ever position in the US in third place.

The Mclaren's decided to join the fight in the qualifying shootout, and both Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris were bouncing through every corner and elevation change. Ricciardo and lover of America proved his extreme pace this weekend during FP2 and quarter 1 of the qualifying session, the 32-year-old even sat at the provisional pole spot as he sported his special Dale Earnhardt helmet for this weekend. The Australian has been soaring and bringing the British team to wonderful heights after the summer break, and is willing to take some great points and even a podium at one of his favorite places in the entire world. Ahead of his teammate Lando Norris in P7, the Mclarens and the Ferrari's is the midfield battle you should not miss on Sunday as the prancing horses start in front of the papaya's on the grid tomorrow. Engines, engines, and engines... have I mentioned all the engine changes? I bet Valtteri Bottas has a stack of Mercedes engines in his backyard, the Fin has taken yet another power unit change ahead of the United States Grand Prix, the bound Alfa Romeo driver is fourth fastest, but will start the race in 8th place.

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel have also taken penalties due to engine changes, teams change engines as frequently as Jeremy Clarkson says "speed and power". The consistent Alpha Tauris have managed to qualified 9th and 10th for Yuki Tsunoda as he finishes off the top 10. Big smiles for some and disappointing faces for others, It was not the most ideal day Aston Martin was looking for, as both of the green cars found it difficult with the aggressive and bumpy track, which is understandable... Stroll and Vettel are both starting out of the top 10 in P12 and P16. One thing I can say is that Red Bull is not leaving the United States without a proper fight, and the Silver Arrows are not ready to let down their guard at the circuit they command respect at.

On a track where 8 of the 9 Grand Prix's held at Circuit of the Americas has been won off the front row, and on a track that is probably the bumpiest circuit on the calendar, COTA will no doubt give us a thrilling and stimulating race to enjoy. What could get better than Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen fighting each other up into elevating turn 1, I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this moment.


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  • The race will be at 12:30 am for me😭

      1 month ago
  • What a great session! Watch out for the Ferraris starting 4-5 as Hamilton and Verstappen take each other out...

      1 month ago
  • I still can’t believe Perez got what would’ve been his first pole taken away from him with seconds remaining :(

      1 month ago
    • I know, i was literally so sad, i want him to get his first pole at Mexico now 🥲

        1 month ago

      1 month ago
  • Throttle Girl, I’m just settling down to watch qualifying. Please don’t send out a spoiler headline on the race tomorrow. Thanks.

      1 month ago
    • I’m sorry 😭 I’ll write the article about the race on Monday instead haha

        1 month ago
    • No, don’t delay your article for any reason. I’ll just suspend “notifications” until after I’ve watched the race. Thanks.

        1 month ago