Max Verstappen world Champ ´17

2y ago


New Formula 1

Verstappen drive as I guess you know, and might I add quite famously for Red Bull after Daniil Kvyat got demoted to Toro Rosso. Red Bull have a pretty good history in Formula 1 and their specialty has always been aerodynamics. Which with the "new Formula" coming to play next year will be a major key. Therefore Red Bull is likely to take on a fight with Mercedes, and possibly Ferrari if the prancing horse outfit can get there act together for once.

How good would that fight be if three teams where up there fighting for championships (I´ll at least be praying to the god of F1 for that to happen).

His Drive in Brazil

He was simply amazing there, I´ll admit that before Brazil this year I was not a huge fan of Verstappen but afterwards I can´t wait to see more of his skills in the future. The overtakes he has performed this year and last where a hint of what he could do. However I suspect no one actually told him there is less grip in wet weather, he must have simply been told that if you drive a different line you can go as fast.

Just a thought

This is just a thought but one I wanted to share with you, my fellow Tribers. Hope you like my thoughts, I´d like your take on this matter so please comment down below.

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