Maximilian Günther wins a dramatic Santiago ePrix

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Now that's what I call a proper race. The Santiago ePrix had various thrills and spills for the fans to enjoy.

The first Formula E race of 2020 took place in the Chilean capital of Santiago. This was a track where Sam Bird won the race last year and, like today, many collisions occurred.

The race started with Jaguar's Mitch Evans on pole position, Maximilian Günther in second and Pascal Wehrlein in third. The start of the race did not disappoint - Wehrlein seemed to get the better of and Günther the German gained a position.

A variety of collisions made the Santiago ePrix one to forget for many drivers. Venturi's Felipe Massa collided with the wall and we were biting our fingernails as the two DS Techeetah cars were jostling for position, Jean-Éric Vergne had to retire from the race due to contact with his new teammate Antonio Felix Da Costa.

This race had many record, not only did Günther win his first ever Formula E race (his first race win since July 2018) we also equalled the all time record for the number of retirees, which is a whopping 7 drivers - that's almost a third of the grid.

Evans was leading the race with 23 + 1 lap minutes to go but an overtake from Günther and then Wehrlein saw a dramatic drop in the Kiwi's chances of winning the race.

With only 6 minutes +1 lap remaining, Da Costa made a huge divebomb into the hairpin, this late surge was due to difficulties in pace for Evans and Wehrlein and a few retirees such as Jean-Éric Vergne.

We were in for an absolute treat. Was Da Costa willing to let the team he left to win the race with a driver who stayed under the radar for the whole season?

Why wasn't Evans in this fight? The Jaguar driver seemed in control and dominated in the first 15 minutes and after that, all hell broke loose. 3rd place was little remorse for what could have been a second win of his career.

With less than a minute left, Günther was back on the attack as Da Costa led the way. Both with the same level of energy, Günther stormed past Da Costa going into Turn 9, regaining his hard-earned lead. Once around 10 and 11, the BMW driver clinched the win with Da Costa in second and Evans in third.

Günther also became the youngest race winner in Formula E (at 22 years, 180 days), beating the record of second place man, Da Costa (who previously held the record at 23 years, 132 days).

Seeing Max this happy warmed hearts around the globe.

This wasn't a happy podium however. Da Costa and Evans were left to ponder if they could have done anything else differently.

This was undoubtedly an entertaining race.

Formula E has always proved to be an exciting sport but is it better than F1? We will have to review that once the 2020 F1 season gets underway in March.

In the meantime, check out my article on if Formula E really is the ultimate motorsport:


Don't forget to comment your thoughts on this race and what your predictions are for the Mexico ePrix on the 15th of February.

What did you think of this race? Did Evans deserve the win?

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