M​axlider Brothers unveil extreme 6x6 Ford Bronco

A​re four wheels not enough? These Bronco specialists have you covered

4w ago

F​ord has dominated in off-roading for years with the F-150, Ranger, and now the new Bronco. Ford offers many Bronco accessories to intensify the off road capabilities but those may not be enough for some of you out there. Not to worry, one Bronco-specialist tuner has you covered.

M​eet Erik and Kris Maxlider. These two Bronco aficionados started an Illinois-based tuning shop, and have produced many Ford customs. But nothing compares to their latest creation: a six-wheeled version of the 2021 Bronco.

W​hile this 6x6 comes with the standard Coyote V8 crate engine, the Maxliders offer forced induction options as well as regular tuning to increase power output. There is also optional increased seating via a third row due to the additional rear axle. As the Maxlider Brothers Customs are an official Ford tuner, these Bronco 6x6s can be bought at regular Ford dealerships. The tuning company currently accepts reservations for the Bronco 6x6, starting at $399,000 - the same price as two new Lamborghini Huracan EVOs. That is all the information given as of publishing, but their website promises "More information to come!" If you want to reserve one, visit the Maxlider Brothers' website here.

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Comments (23)

  • What is the benefit/fascination with 6X6 anything? I don’t get it other than you really need people to stare at you... 🤔

      29 days ago
    • I don’t understand it really. It looks very cool though

        29 days ago
    • Weight distribution. And more stability.

        29 days ago
  • That is so sick!

      29 days ago
  • I dare land rover to make a 6x6 defender

    Let the rivalry begin!

      29 days ago
    • NO, time to start the next trend: the Defender 8X8...Go big or go home!

        28 days ago
    • you should look up the Kahn Huntsman, it is a Land Rover Defender 6x6! The old one, but still!

        27 days ago
  • Wow... that is pretty cool... but if I would have to choose between 2 huracan evo’s or that... I would take the evo’s. What would you guys pick?

      24 days ago
  • there is no need for 6x6 vehicles. But they are incredible to behold! I would want to own a 6x6 and just live somewhere out in the desert or some other wilderness where I can hoon it around!

      27 days ago