May day! May day! James May birthday project 2020

Join us on wishing happy birthday to Captain Slow!

In ten days will be James May birthday, someone asked me if I was planning to lead a birthday project to celebrate Captain Slow as I did last year. In the beginning, I thought to decline, but then I changed my mind, so here we are.

For the ones new to this format, here a little explanation. Last year we made a video putting together all the birthday wishes the Drivetribe users sent to us. It's been a little complicated but the result was amazing. We did the same for Richard Hammond's birthday the month before and everyone had fun. Anyway, due to some delay in the video processing and to some bad luck I guess, our targets didn't watch the video I suppose. I'm stubborn and don't give up, so I'm going to give it another try.

Here you find the past video projects:

However, this time I thought of simplifying the format. Mostly because I am going to put all together myself, and I'm not really an expert on video editing and more important because we have less time.

If you want to take part, it's very simple!

First, join this tribe to be always updated.

Second, leave a comment on this post.

Third, send me a picture of yourself (or an artwork) with a short message wishing James happy birthday to my mail address before the 12 of January. The picture has to be horizontally-oriented.

Here a small example:

Don't be rude please! This is just an example!

Don't be rude please! This is just an example!

I will put all the pics together, with the message over impressed and publish a post in this tribe on January 16.

Let's have fun and do something amazing!

If you have some questions don't hesitate to contact me either direct message or in the comments!

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