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After the CB500 Greaser Garage restored another classic from Tokyo

11w ago

At the Greaser Garage we've just started a long process that will involve che full restoration of all the Honda CB line-up.

This has been made possible thanks to our firend Edoardo from Redmoto who is a collector and a re-seller of historic, rare and classic vehicles.

These japanese four banger are absolutely part of his selection and he desired a no-compromise approach to their restoration.

So, like we did for the 500, we completely took everything apart to the last screw to renew or replace every part in order to obtain a perfect result.

These images can really testify how meticulous the work has been. This model is one of the smaller of the lot, with its 350cc capacity.

To be honest this model has been modified and its displacement has been brought up to 400 cc so there is some hp more compared to the stock version.

Outside there's no evidenze of this intervention and the bike is faithful to the original at 100%. Many parts were really hard to replicate and to find but in the end everything found its place.

The engine finishing is really astonishing and looks like it has just arrived from the assembly line.

One of the only proof of the almost 5 decades life of this bike is the speedometer with its red zone a bit faded.

Even the Honda sign on the rear part of the saddle looks a bit bruised but it's still there.

The paint scheme is a more personal choice compared to the more famous single color ones but the ultra deep metallic green base really enhances the volumes of the tank.

The white and orange outlines create a perfect high-contrast combination.

Every decal and every small part has been preserved and renewed: this CB350 is a time capsule to the golden era of the Japan Motorcycle industry breakout.

The rear view shows the ultra-rare and fragile four-exit exhaust that were really prone to rust.

Which will be next model to be taken back to its birth stage? Stay tuned because this series is truly more addictive than a Netflix one!

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