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The history of Exelero has its roots back to 1938: when the German company prepared an aerodynamic sedan prototype to test a new model of high-performance tires manufactured at the time by Fulda Tires.

The Fulda Logo ( Photo Credits : www.wikimediacommons.org )

This collaboration was repeated again in 2005, three years after the rebirth of the German brand by the will of Mercedes-Benz. At that time Fulda was intent on making a new high-performance sports tire, and this led the German company to produce a car suitable for these particular tires.

The Fulda Exelero ( Photo Credits : www.Fulda.com )

Thus began a new project for the construction of a new experimental prototype. The design of the new car was a result of the collaboration between the Pforzheim Design Polytechnic and the DaimlerChrysler Style Center.

Side section ( Photo Credits : www.Top Gear.com )

From this collaboration the Exelero was born, a single supercar model assembled by the Stola body in Turin.

The Maybach 57 ( Photo Credits : www.wikimediacommosn.org )

The Maybach 57 was chosen as the mechanical basis for the Exelero: not only its engine, but also the suspension layout with its front axle arm and its rear axle with multiple link suspensions.

The V12 6.0 engine ( Photo Credits : www.pinimg.com )

The engine was a 6.0 Biturbo V12 managed by a five-speed automatic transmission and combined with rear-wheel drive. Prepared to deliver the power of 700 hp with 1020 Nm of torque, it was able to reach the maximum speed of 351 km / h with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds.

The only existing model was purchased for 8 million dollars by the rapper Birdman shortly after the presentation of the press to the Tempodrom in Berlin.

Maybach Exelero test

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