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M​azda has a new engine - and it could be used as early as 2022

T​he new and non-rotary source of power will most likely be used in the 2022 Mazda6

16w ago

M​azda has recently unveiled its new engine for 2022 models of the Mazda6 saloon and estate. The new six-cylinder straight-six engine will be available across three variations: petrol, diesel and Skyactiv-X, available after 2022.

I​t is currently speculated whether the drivetrain of the new Mazda6 will be offered additionally in rear-wheel-drive, but as of now the only guidance on technological specifications is that it will be installed longitudinally - and matched with a four-wheel-drive platform.

T​he photo debut of Mazda's new inline-six (unofficial) | Credit: Motor1

T​he photo debut of Mazda's new inline-six (unofficial) | Credit: Motor1

T​he latest Mazda6 serves a purpose to rival other saloons in the international market, including the BMW 3 Series and Kia Stinger GT S. But the sad thing is, it is not yet clear whether the new Mazda6 will be sold in the UK and Europe - further complicated by the UK's departure from the European Union.

A​nd some rotary fans left in the dust of disappointment after the RX-9 was revealed to have bottled the rotary engine, the new Mazda6 may be just the car that Mazda needs in order to bridge the gap. The 2022 Mazda6 will pinch the sleek styling used in the development of the RX-9, along with the Vision Coupé concept from 2017.

I​initial draw-ups of the Vision Coupé Concept | Credit: Autocar

I​initial draw-ups of the Vision Coupé Concept | Credit: Autocar

The new engine has been showcased alongside a new plug-in hybrid powertrain and an in-line-four engine, with the plug-in-hybrid system employing 48V mild-hybrid technology, with an expectation to replace today's four-cylinder unit.

If anything, Mazda models from now on will aim to reach fleet-wide CO2 emissions to conform to new automotive environmental priorities - so the latest engine will be crucial in working towards achieving these key contemporary goals.

I​ guess we will just have to wait and see what the future has in store...

O​llie Funnell | Student Journalist, Coventry University

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Comments (5)

  • Mazda, please make a car that looks like that.

      3 months ago
  • It’s about time Mazda up their game with their maturing Skyactiv technology and offer competitive ICE options to keep the fuel efficiency development alive. More Zoom-Zoom for enthusiasts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      3 months ago
  • A new straight-six! Yay! Did they bolt together two tiny 1.0L eco-box engines? 🤪 This is like the best news Ive read all year! 😎

      3 months ago
    • it's still sadly gonna sound bad and inaudible because of the stupid nonsense woke anti-sound laws

        3 months ago
  • Praise mazda. They know electric motors are bs. I refuse to buy electric nonsense even if im killed for not doing so

      3 months ago