Mazda Is Seriously Considering A New Mazdaspeed 3 Hot Hatch

1w ago


The last time the name Mazdaspeed was used, Red Bull Racing was still dominating F1, London had just gotten over the Olympics and you could still buy a hot hatch with less than a million horsepower. Although, it seems that after 6 years, Mazda is considering bringing the name back. And with it, a fast toy.

A few days ago, Autocar reported that a sportier version of the Mazda 3 would make an appearance before 2021. This information was all based on a quote from the Mazda 3 program manager Kota Beppu saying that as a car guy himself, he is pushing for a “hyper” version of the car.

Now, it has been confirmed by Mazda itself that the Mazdaspeed 3 project, which would compete with the likes of the Golf GTI, is very close to getting the greenlight.

The car is reported to use the 2.5-litre turbocharged inline 4 engine that should produce around 250hp with high-quality fuel. Thankfully, it requires no particular work done as it already exists in the CX-9 and CX-5 SUV models as well as the Mazda 6. If you think the Mazdaspeed name is a throwback, just wait until the engines 310 lb-ft of torque predictably starts steering the front wheels.

With the normal Mazda 3 hatchback supporting an AWD drivetrain, the sporty model will surely feature the same in order to keep all the torque in its place. Beppu also said the sporty-3 will be sophisticated and refined meaning the well-known handling quality of the old Mazdaspeed 3 should be drastically improved upon.

Although close to being a reality, the project is yet to be fully put through the motions. The company wants to make sure it is something the car community would be interested in. Yes, that's right. A car manufacturer is actively searching for input. Therefore, make sure to have your say and ensure the Mazdaspeed 3 becomes the newest hot hatch on the block.