Mazda Just Unveiled The Best Looking Hatchback In The World

      The next generation Mazda 3 will be quite a looker.

      3y ago


      Mazda has been on a design hot streak for a few years and it doesn't look like they're cooling down any time soon. In preparation for the upcoming 45th Tokyo Motor Show Mazda unveiled the future of their Incredible Mazda 3 hatchback.

      The next generation Mazda 3 is powered by Mazda's revolutionary SKYACTIV-X gasoline engine. This powerhouse ditches spark plugs for diesel like fuel economy on regular pump gas, the holy grail of internal combustion engines.

      This level of sexy engineering will be a great match for the curvy exterior of this affordable hatch back. If the Mazda 3 looks anything like this concept it will be a victory for car lovers everywhere.

      Mazda's goal was a more mature version of their popular Kodo design language. The results speak for themselves and left me rather speechless. We expect the next Mazda 3 to grow in size from the current model while retaining its superb handling and road manners. Maybe this time we'll even get a Speed 3!

      So what do you think?

      So what do you think?

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      Comments (152)

      • It's an alfa brera for the US

          3 years ago
        • Exactly. Mazda stealing designs from the Italians

            3 years ago
        • Well I mean if those assholes at Alfa won’t give it to us someone else will. All we get is that damn Giulia which is nice don’t get me wrong but come on practically every Alfa is sexy af we want them all here in the states lmao

            3 years ago
      • Some Alpha influence there!

          3 years ago
      • Stunningly sleek and sexy ♡

          3 years ago
      • ABSOLUTELY fucking gorgeous

          3 years ago
      • That grill and slanted lights with such hot rear end. ❤

          3 years ago


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