Davyn Smith posted in Jdm
1w ago

Mazda RX7 series 6 (was anyways, pretty much only looks like one now). Mates got it painted while they worked on engine. Clamshell bonnet. Carbon Kevlar body. Full rollcage. 20B short block single turbo (massive massive turbo, need a filter that is 6” big to fit it, not easy to find) 1500HP@6psi (can be turned up to 20?25psi, keeping it low for water pressure/cooling). 1200cc secondary injectors. V mount intercooler (engine pics in a previous post). insane downforce. Massive diffuser and wing. 11”wide Volks. Pure time attack beast (included is a 35sec video of idle and a 10sec video of drive by). Love the colour (painted not wrapped, wrap doesn’t last long with those forces)

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