Mazda's New Rotary Engine?

In this article, I will give you my thoughts, and the facts about Mazda's new rotary engine.

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The Known Facts

Mazda is making an attempt to bring back the legendary Wankle rotary engine with some modern touches. Though not really touches it's more like the engine itself is the touch to an electric MX-30 the future 2022 MX-30 specifically. The new rotary will serve as a generator for the battery is all we know when it comes down to how it will function. We don't yet know when the rotary engine will kick on or if it's going to be constantly running at a low rpm. He also didn't say how many rotors were to be under the hood of the family SUV.

Mazda MX-30 introduction video

The video is in Japanese so if you don't speak Japanese you'll need to turn on auto translate and select your preferred language.

My Personal thoughts

When I first heard that Mazda was planning to release a new rotary powered car I was excited, and then worried. It's common knowledge that performance oriented engines will have reliability issues, but do to the way a rotary engine works it doesn't need to be performance oriented to have it's biggest issue haunt it... Apex seals are a major concern for me. The point of the fact is that even Ford couldn't fix this issue entirely so will Mazda give their engineers enough time to fix this issue is a big question for me and I'm sure for some others as well, and the planned release date of 2022 doesn't really put me at ease considering that the video was released in October of 2020.

The amount of Rotors will likely be around two due to the fact that in the past rotary's weren't exactly the definition of ECO friendly or fuel efficient, the ECO friendly part likely puts the idea of Mazda racing the rotary again to sleep even though the idea of a hybrid rotary would likely fix its poor acceleration making a the race car another a whole other animal thanks to the rotary's astounding ability to play in the high rpm's all day. It all sounds amazing but it likely won't happen due to the engine not being ECO friendly enough. Keep in mind the new rotary is a support engine for the battery. It's sad to think about but this rotary likely won't ever sit in those crazy high rpm's like its predecessors.

Last but not least, there's no mention of it being sold overseas meaning that the states or even in Europe people may not have the chance to drive it. To me this looks like another Mitsubishi cross over nightmare only the MX-30 was never performance oriented. Mazda's just defiling a legendary engine that had already been put to rest.

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