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Mazda's next MX-5 will not be electrified

Mazda want this car to appeal to enthusiasts as much as possible

1w ago

After some uncertainty on whether one of the World's favourite sports cars would retain its engine, Mazda has confirmed that the MX-5 (or Miata as some know it) will still utilise one over electrification of any form.

Mazda can stick solely with the Internal Combustion Engine thanks to their new Skyactiv-X petrol engine. It has improved efficiency and performance by making use of Mazda's spark-controlled compression ignition system. The engine can be seen in use today in the Mazda 3 and its CX-30 crossover sibling. The Skyactiv-X also can generate sufficient power atmospherically, meaning there is a high chance that the MX-5 will stay true to it's NA roots. The Skyactiv-X is claimed to produce around 20% more torque than the Skyactiv-G engine that the top rung MX-5 currently uses assuming the same displacement. This would make for a torque output of nearly 200lb ft, probably lowering the 0-60mph time to nearer 6 seconds. Don't expect a big power bump though, as today's Mazda 3 only makes three more horses than the equivalent Skyactiv-G. The main reason Mazda can afford to ditch electrification for now though is that does all of this whilst cutting CO2 emissions.

A manual gearbox is nearly a certainty, and expect a focus on keeping the car's weight low.

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Comments (14)

  • the mx5 should never be an ev

      11 days ago
    • I agree

        11 days ago
    • It doesn't make any sense for them to turn it an EV so it is good they will not.

        11 days ago
  • Yay!

      11 days ago
  • Hallelujah!

      11 days ago
  • This is why I love Mazda

      11 days ago
  • And that's why Mazda is one of the best car brands

      11 days ago