McLaren 570S – Just buy something electric.

I have never felt like a rockstar on a petrol station before.

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The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about my 24-hours with McLaren 570S is the doors. I know it’s kind of silly but “Oh, my, god Becky!” I have never felt like a rockstar on a petrol station before. Everyone looked at me: a 23-year-old male giraffe that tried to make his way out of a blue spaceship with butterfly doors.

So how did it happen? Why a young guy with parents who don't own their own loft in Monaco was driving this blue supercar on the roads of Warsaw where supercars are not especially popular nor a practical thing? Well… I host a radio show about cars. So somehow, somebody in McLaren thought that it was a good idea to lend me this car for 24 hours so I would talk about it on my show and I’m grateful for that.

When McLaren’s 570S first showed up on the floors of dealerships in 2015 nobody really knew what to think about it. Sure, it had (even now has) supercars performance but at the time wasn’t as expensive as a new Ferrari 488 or a new Lamborghini Huracan. What is even more confusing McLaren said that the 570S isn’t their direct competitor to the cars I mentioned above, but if you want something faster than two of those cars you can buy 650S, 675LT or starting from 2017 their new supercar 720S.

570S is almost the least powerful and basic model McLaren has in its offer since you can still order a new 540C. But you know, it is still fast as hell. The engine behind your back is a twin-turbo 3,8-liter V8 that goes to 8500 rpm and generates 570 hp and 600 Nm transmitted to the rear wheels by state of the art double-clutch 7-speed gearbox.

What it means is that it goes from standstill to 100 kph in just 3,2 seconds with a top speed of 328 kph. You have to admit it isn’t a particularly useful device in a city with a population of 3 million people and constant traffic but if you hit a tunnel on your way home... It sounds like an F1 car had a supercar baby with a very fast motorbike.

I’m aware that in the world of people who care about the sounds supercars make, McLarens with the stock exhaust, even the louder sports one, which this car was fitted with, are said to be the ones that don't sound as good as others on the market. Although I can’t remember to have a bigger smile on my face or have more fun in any other car than this one and a sound from the exhaust was a big part of that enjoyment.

Structure of a car is based on a carbon monocell which from the sound of it should make this supercar utterly uncomfortable but to my surprise, it wasn’t. At the same time as a McLaren 570S I was testing Ford Mustang GT for a daily commute and to be honest on a long trip I would prefer to have this supercar as a companion than a full-on American GT muscle car which in my mind was made for long trips through States. You can tell that some brilliant mind is behind setting up the suspension in a way that you have full-on supercar experience without having to worry about biting your tongue on every bump.

Technology-wise this car is probably amazing. You can feel that everything is working around you, but please don’t ask me to explain how any of this smart vectoring stuff and so on works. From the driver perspective, you have a combination of 9 drive modes, 3 settings regarding your suspension and 3 of your engine and traction control. I had a car for only 24 hours so most of the time was spent in a race mode.

You could see a few silver sprinkles on a blue paint when the sun showed up for a moment, but it also comes with comfortable yet holding you in place seats, grey wheels and a fancy paddles to change gears up and down. Rather a nice place to seat in, the only thing that shows that car is 5 years old is the screen in the middle. The system on it is just slow and not intuitive. Changing radio station lasts the whole red light stop and connecting your phone via Bluetooth took about a year of my life. The speakers were not that bad though.

I do not consider myself as someone in a good position to recommend this car, or not. I have never driven any other supercar except his one. I can tell McLaren 570S is cool as it goes on the road, it basically looks like a spaceship and has a mind-blowing performance which you can’t make use of most of the time. Here is something to think about: why would you want to buy more expensive and faster supercar when you can have a McLaren 570S and still get all the glamour and perks of owning a supercar?

“But Mikołaj what if I don’t have even 100 thousand euro to spend on a car but I want to feel everyone’s eyes on me every time I stop in my car?” The answer is simple. Just buy the cheapest car on the market with scissors doors. And you know what? You don’t even have to search for it. The answer for the last 8 years remains the same: Renault Twizy.

Big thanks to McLaren Warsaw for making this experience possible.

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