McLaren 620R R Pack - is it worth it?

The racing car for the road has received £25,000 worth of upgrades; is it worth it?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my first impressions of the McLaren 620R, where I called it "proof that the British can still make a hight-quality product even without the industrial might that many European and American companies have". It seems however that the Cambridge alumni at McLaren have not seen it that way, because recently the company's 'Special Operations' division unveiled a more hardcore version of the 620R.

So what do you get for the new price of £275,000? Well, this version of the car adds even more carbonfibre and also a new exhaust. You also get a carbonfibre scoop that has been inspired by the McLaren F1 Longtail that produces a 'racing air induction sound'. The scoop is also claimed to have a camera that allows drivers to record their track sessions.

The interior has also received the carbonfibre treatment, with new additions including carbonfibre door inserts, tunnel sides, extended gearshift paddles, and steering wheel spokes.

How do you get one? Well Sir Insanely Rich Man/Woman/Whatever You Identify Who Is Probably Member of House of Lords, the pack can be selected on all 225 examples of the 620R that McLaren will produce, and the good news is that the company expects to fit approximately 90% of its 620R supercars with the upgrades.

I would not suggest you use it on the road through, because it would be pretty humiliating to get out of the car on a motorway in order to change your pair of underwear that you just crapped in.

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  • No, just buy a used 720s instead. Better car, cheaper to buy and faster.

      1 month ago


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