- Police managed to keep up with the 720S hitting 155MPH! - Image from Alphretta Public Safety

McLaren 720S Driver Caught Doing 155MPH Under The Influence!

1y ago


Police from the Alpharetta Police Department, Georgia, caught this McLaren 720S speeding down a public highway. The officer, who was in a Chevrolet Impala V6, which produces 306BHP and has a top speed of 149MPH, was surprised when the 720S came shooting past the marked police car in the third lane of the highway.

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McLaren 720S gets pulled over! - Video from Alphretta Public Safety

The officer pursued the McLaren for a number of miles and managed to clock the car doing 155MPH on her police speed radar. After a short pursuit, the driver suddenly slammed on his brakes and brought the McLaren from over 100MPH to a stop in a matter of seconds, leaving the brakes on the 720S smoking.

The McLaren went from over 100MPH to a stop in a matter of seconds - Image from Alphretta Public Safety

The driver was tested for driving under the influence and was further arrested when he was found to be driving whilst drunk. The driver was charged with speeding, driving under the influence, wreckless driving, failure to maintain his lane and driving with an expired tag. A hefty line of offences to protest your innocence against!