- The McLaren 720S Spider Pic Credits: Mclaren.com

McLaren 720S Spider: 202 Mph With The Top Down

It is impressive in every way possible

I am not a fan of convertibles. I like how they look and people that purchase one are said to be slim, rich and cool. But when McLaren announce that one of their most beautiful, powerful super series cars or as Richard Hammond says “its everything you want” McLaren 720S has got a sibling - 720S Spider, I have to reacess my first statement - I am not a fan of convertibles.

The problem I have with convertibles is they are meant for sunshine and not everyday, all weather driving. Sure, growing up I did see hard top convertibles, but they were heavier and somewhat limited from their fullest performance potential. Somehow I don’t feel this is the case with the 720S spider.

A glass roof for a Convertible

You still have all three versions like the Coupé - 720S, 720S luxury and 720S performance. It has a retractable hard top, 3 new paint colours - Aztec Gold, Cirrus Grey and its poster colour of Belize Blue and a new styled set 10-spoke light weight wheels. Here is one of my favourite parts of this car - Its retractable hard top roof. You can get in two forms - a regular gloss black roof that will be as light as possible or a electrochomic glass roof. This is really nice, a glass roof for a convertible. but this adds weight - 108 pounds of weight. But its dry weight is still lighter than the Ferrari 488 spider, a 194 pounds lighter. Thats the average weight of a 6 foot tall man.

Pic Credits: McLaren.com

Pic Credits: McLaren.com

Matches the 720S Coupé in performance

When it comes to performance it matches the 720S Coupé. It matches the speed from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and will do 124 mph in 7.9 seconds (the coupé will do it 7.8 seconds). With the top up the it will match its Coupé sibling and will do 212 mph and with the top down will do 202 mph.

The performance is great, but it doesn’t stop here - the roof can be now lowered or raised at a higher speed of 30 mph compared to its predecessor 650S spider’s 18.5 mph. Along with this the raising and lowering action of the roof is fast - can be done in 12 seconds. Also quieter, McLaren state it is like “The background noise in a quiet library” and interior is quieter with the roof up. When the roof is up there is a little extra luggage space. Oh yes! - The retractable hard top is patented. Due to this the interior was modified and has a 12% more visibility compared to the 650S spider.

I am a Fan of the 720S Spider

The Spider in every way possible sill as good as its coupé sibling, and like its sibling “its everything you want”. After all these juicy delicious details, I still am not a fan of convertibles, but, I am a fan of the 720S Spider.

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  • Good article Raunuq. And what a car. You know, it’s funny. If a car that was first made as a coupe is also available as a convertible, aesthetically I usually prefer the coupe. So in that capacity I agree with you. However, I love roadsters.; cars such as the bmw z3 and the Mazda mx5. Driving each of these cars is a delight, and the open top experience is full of wonder. Sunlight, wind, smells, temperature changes, it’s really wonderful. So I do love convertibles, but just the ones that were built that way in the first place. But that 720 is breathtaking with or without a top.

      2 years ago