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McLaren 720S Stealth Theme is MSO's latest creation

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McLaren's MSO department will do anything you wish to a McLaren as long as you pay them. This includes carbon fibre body parts to a complete redesign of a car. However, MSO's latest creation is a themed design for a 720S and is inspired by 'Stealth'.

Despite the name, there is nothing stealthy about this design. The car was produced as a bespoke order for one of McLaren's retailers; McLaren London.

The 720S can be ordered in one of three standard specification levels with MSO Defined options being the top tier in terms of standard options. However, McLaren can offer you a service that they call MSO Bespoke where things like the car's paint and interior stitching can be developed into a theme to create a car that can be one of a kind.

'Stealth' was one of the theme's McLaren used to introduce the 720S at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show as a MSO Bespoke order.

As previously mentioned, the MSO 720S Stealth Theme was commissioned by McLaren London to stand out more than a regular 720S. The Stealth theme consists of MSO Defined Sarthe Grey exterior paint which is contrasted by Vermillion Red paint. The red detailing that can be seen on the exterior of the car was hand painted by master craftsmen and craftswomen in the MSO facility where it took nearly 200 hours to apply.

The red accents continue on the 10-spoke Sup Lightweight wheels which are finished in MSO Bespoke Satin Black on the outer rim, with each wheel having a single spoke painted in Vermillion Red. Many part's of the exterior are finished in MSO Bespoke Satin Finish Visual Carbon Fibre. This includes the door mirrors, air intakes and the rear aero bridge.

The interior started off as a 720S Performance interior but many MSO Bespoke options were applied to carry on the 'Stealth' theme with red leather and Apex Red stitching being applied on the fascia, door inserts and seats.

Over all, the end result is something breath taking and looks really good.

You can create your own McLaren 720S using the online configurator.

What do you think?

Do you like what McLaren have done to this 720S? How would you spec yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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