McLaren-Alfa Romeo concept car: Here's what it could look like

2y ago


It is common knowledge by now that McLaren is actively looking for a new engine supplier to replace the dreadfully slow and even more dreadfully unreliable Honda they currently use.

The received wisdom is that the Woking Wonders will go back to their old partners Mercedes for 2018 - but what if there was another possibility?

F1 writer Adam Cooper has suggested McLaren could do what was once unthinkable and put Ferrari engines - badged as Alfa Romeo - in the cars:


A Ferrari/McLaren collaboration sounds crazy at first, but these are not the days of Michael vs Mika, Todt vs Dennis.

F1 has moved on, and as Adam points out, it could be a highly mutually beneficial plan: McLaren get what is now at worst the second best F1 power unit (and perhaps equal first), and Ferrari chief Sergio Marchionne gets a powerful and cost effective way to bring Alfa back into F1.

Could it happen? Why not? Will it? Who knows.

But in the meantime, our tame racing car designer Sean Bull has mocked up these beautiful designs of how a McLaren-Alfa Romeo livery might look. And it's very tasty indeed...

Just look at that

They would have to ditch the orange, but it would be worth it for this

Look at the Alfa badge on the nose there

Looks mean from the front as well

Also, I know want a set of these overalls

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