McLaren-Alpine 2018 F1 concept car

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The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix next week will be the last of the ill-fated McLaren-Honda partnership.

The British team and the Japanese manufacturer joined forces again in 2015, more than two decades after their original union had yielded incredible success with Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna at the wheel.

But, perhaps proving you should never go back, the new look McLaren-Honda package never got anywhere near hitting the heights of the old days. Indeed, the Honda power unit was so bad that it mostly failed to score points and often failed to even finish races.

Not only was it slow - it was unreliable too.

Another breakdown for McLaren in pre-season testing (Pic: Sutton)

Eventually, McLaren's patience snapped, and earlier this year they announced they were splitting from Honda and would be taking Renault engines for 2018.

When our design guru Sean Bull heard the news, he set to work coming up with a concept livery for the new McLaren-Renault car.

And just to be a little different, Sean has come up with the idea that Renault could use the McLaren partnership to give some publicity to their Alpine brand, which they are currently resurrecting.

What do you think?

The blue and orange really work well

Imagine Alonso coming up behind you in that

Sean says the concept "mixes papaya McLaren orange with the Alpine racing blue, perhaps even bringing memories of Alonso's 2005-06 titles."

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