McLaren are asking kids to design their 'supercar of the future'

Perhaps it's styling will be less divisive than the McLaren Senna

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I'm not sure about you, but when I was a child I was always drawing cars... or more accurately 'designing' cars, though these drawings never made it further than the fridge door. If you have an aspiring car designer in your life however, this may be a fantastic opportunity for them to flex their creative muscles.

McLaren are launching a competition for children in the UK to design what they think the 'supercar of the future' will look like, with a plethora of fantastic prizes up for grabs. Open for all children in the UK aged between 6 and 15, the winner will have the opportunity to meet with McLarens leading designers and engineers (once coronavirus restrictions are lifted) and will also have their design brought to life as a 3D scale model which will be showcased on a future episode of Blue Peter.

Not only that, but the winning entrant will also get the chance to take a ride in a McLaren with the Stig, as well as receiving a VIP tour of the McLaren technology centre and McLaren production centre. Perhaps most importantly, the winner will also receive a coveted Blue Peter competition badge.

Launching the competition on Blue Peter, Mandeep Dhat - executive director of HR at McLaren Automotive - said "It’s also a great way to showcase how they can use those skills in the real-world, having to follow the same thought processes and tackle the same challenges as our designers and engineers like Rob and Ella do every day at McLaren. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Blue Peter audience come up with and what amazing idea wins our top prize."

The competition is open until 1pm on the 10th of June, and you can find full details here.

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  • Some advice kids....

    Look to the past

    End the horsepower wars


    Don’t kill the manual

      12 days ago
    • Issue is... that’s not the McLaren way. Look at the Senna.

      We can reduce power, simplify, and add lightness, but where can McLaren add its trademark madness?

      You don’t buy a P1 because it has a nice sound and a good feel, you buy a P1 because...

      Read more
        12 days ago
    • I think we should looking at the future...

      The ideal future where manuals, simplicity, and moderate horsepower are back.

        12 days ago
  • Hey kids this is what we want big V8 lots of noise and no traction control or driving aids.

      12 days ago