McLaren Best Hits: Part 1

Yes, yes, every car nerd will tell that the first McLaren road car was the M6GT, but only two exist; therefore, cannot be considered a production road car. Now that the point has been established, time has come to see what I think are the top 5 of McLaren.

McLaren F1/F1 GTR

With that victory at Le Mans in 1995, McLaren became the only manufacturer to win the Formula One world championship, Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24 hours.

Quite obvious, but it is impossible the F1 not be considered as one of the greatest cars McLaren has ever built; probably is also one of the greatest cars in history. Introduced in 1992, the car became popular overnight, with impressive specifications, the curious three-seat configuration, the now popular cliché of the engine bay covered in gold and the best advertising for a car, world record top speed of 243 mph (391 kph). If you add an overall win in the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans; then, you have a car that becomes a legend, specially if you consider is the first car of a company that never before did road cars.

The day the F1 was introduced to the world.

The 1995 Le Mans winner, proving the performance of the first baby of McLaren Automotive.

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