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McLaren Confirm McLaren Senna GTR Performance Specs!

A more hardcore McLaren Senna is coming...

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By Phil Bradley

McLaren recently confirmed the performance figures of a more hardcore, track focused Senna model, the Senna GTR.

Unlike the standard Senna, the Senna GTR will not be road legal, and has been developed for one purpose: to be enjoyed on the racetrack. The GTR will have a colossal wing, contributing to up to 2,205 pounds of downforce in working with the splitter, carbon fibre body and new diffuser.

McLaren unveiled a GTR prototype earlier this year

McLaren unveiled a GTR prototype earlier this year

The GTR will still be powered by McLaren's 4.0L, twin turbo V8, however it will be tuned to produce a whopping 814BHP and 590LB FT of torque. The GTR is expected to have an even quicker 0-60MPH time that it's road going variant, which can reach the speed from a standstill in just 2.8 seconds.

McLaren will produce just 75 units of the GTR, which will be released in September 2019, once production of the road-legal Senna has finished.

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