McLaren confirms 'Hyper-gt'

2y ago


The current holy trinity of hyper-cars may still seem brand new and cutting edge to ordinary people, but technology and competition mean that manufacturers are already replacing them and trying to outdo each other. Does this mean a new holy trinity on the horizon? McLaren have announced plans to create a hyper-GT based off the iconic F1 and likely borrowing its drive train from the P1. However McLaren is not the only manufacturer setting its sights on a future hyper-car with both Mercedes and Aston Martin both confirming they will produce limited run hyper-cars. All 3 cars have ticked all the hyper-car boxes. Over 900bhp? Check. Over £1million? Check. Limited production run? Check? Top speed well over 200mph? Definitely check. Am I excited about the prospect of a new hyper-car holy order, well yes and no. Yes because I cannot wait to see what marvels any of these manufacturers can come up with with rumored F1 engines and KERS systems but I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to the original trilogy, at least we have a few more years to enjoy them.



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