McLaren Confirms New Supercar Project; Could Be Successor to the F1

McLaren calls this the "Ultimate Track Car"

3y ago

A year ago, McLaren got us all supr excited with the announcement of a supercar in development that would hopefully be the successor to the iconic F1, three seats an all. Only 106 will be made, and apparently they are all sold out already.

Th project was named "Bespoke Project 23," or BP23 for short. McLaren described the car as a Hyper GT designed for long distance travel. The BP23 will feature a hybrid powertrain expected to exceed the P1's.

Today McLaren dropped us an official teaser, which amounts to little more than a triple tailpipe exhaust shot with the McLaren logo and what appears to be an aluminum surround. So yes, at least this car will have tailpipes.

Jokes aside, this at least is confirmation that the BP23 project is alive and well and progressing. In addition, I suppose this serves as an "official" announcement from McLaren that the BP23 project does actually exist, and isn't just a bunch of rumors flying about.




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Comments (3)

  • So top speed will be 390? Will it have an NA 12?

      3 years ago
  • I thought the p1 was the "replacement" of the mighty F1

      3 years ago
    • You could never replace the F1 - it's a timeless masterpiece. Still the king of all cars in my eyes.

      Still outran (upto about 120mph)/gave the veyron a good run for its money despite it being the much older car but it's still better looking.

        3 years ago