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mclaren develops carbon fiber chest shield made of F1 race car components

mclaren applied technologies introduces its innovative project invincible — the latest personalized healthcare solution made from materials that will be used in next season’s formula 1 car. the invincible shield is a response to a challenge proposed by a single client to design a device that helps protect vital organs after surgery. the wearable shield protects the rib cage, as well as vital organs including the heart and the lungs with the garment, providing further protection from unexpected low energy impact.

stiff carbon fiber ensures flexural rigidity and load carrying capabilities

mclaren‘s multi-material shield features high-failure strain dyneema fibers, as used in body armor, for damage containment, and a highly-toughened resin system with woven fabrics for impact resistance. the state-of-the-art shield borrows F1 technology including zylon fiber, used by all F1 teams on their cars for protection against side penetration. the tech giant collaborated with companies across the group, including mclaren racing in the manufacturing process of the invincible shield.

the shield borrows F1 technology including zylon fibers, used by all F1 teams on their cars for protection against side penetration

n order to capture the body’s movement, the project team underwent a full 3D scan of the client to fully understand how to create and build a customized structure. the initial conception of the design had determined that the product would need to be wearable, interfacing seamlessly with the human body. the project evolved into a chest-shield, engineered to protect from initial impact and efficiently transfer loads to three safer regions of the body.

at these locations, a unique gel material interfaced with the body which was designed to attenuate the load and protect weak ribs and the vital organs

the shield features a bespoke layer with a velcro interface

the project invincible packaging

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