McLaren F1 and Kenwood

When McLaren was looking for the audio system supplier for its super car back in the early '90s eight manufacturers came to the meeting with the McLarens designers and engineers. After reading the demands five of them left immediately and only Kenwood was willing to compromise and do what it takes to meet rigorous standards McLaren set. First and foremost the weight had to be shed down by 50%. Kenwood was the only one to do so and did it by eliminating 30 knobs and buttons to only 5. Also mad the smallest KDC600 10 disc CD changer with unparalleled sound quality. It was capable to do disc changes and not skip a beat even at the top speed and during the 1.5G when cornering. It had to be counted in the front for the weight distribution purposes. Five speakers were installed and powered by Kenwood KAC622 amplifier that was put in the dashboard. It only had 2x30W into 4Ohms but with a high efficient speakers that was more than enough. Control switches, all 5 of them are located to the left of the drivers seat. The whole Sound system targeted weight by Gordon Murray was 37 kg. When was done with it, Kenwood complete system ( including all the wires ) was only 8.5 kg!

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