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McLaren F1 members set to return home from Australia, Logitech G deal extended

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McLaren Racing has confirmed that its F1 team members will return home from Australia after completing their quarantine as they also announce partnership extension with Logitech G.

Having stayed back in Australia due to the strict 14-days quarantine rule after one person was tested positive with COVID-19, the McLaren F1 team members are set to return home this week as they confirmed to FormulaRapida.net, when asked.

There were a total of 19 McLaren F1 team members in Australia where 16 were under quarantine, while three stayed back to look after them, which included Andrea Stella. The last time the team updated about them, they confirmed that seven tested negative.

The latest information is a good news for F1 fraternity but the hope now will be that they return home safely as the travel from Australia to United Kingdom won't be easy due to all the restrictions in place, even for transit passengers.

Outside the above news, McLaren announced a contract extension with Logitech G as they hope to expand into ESports racing even in larger terms. The team has Lando Norris, who is an avid gamer and has been spending more time on gaming with no F1 around.

Together they will run G Challenge in 2020. Mark Waller, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing at McLaren Racing said: "Logitech G has supported McLaren’s eSports endeavours from the start, and I’m pleased to extend this partnership across the Group.

"Logitech G is unique in their process and the way they collaborate with their partners to create the best experience and high-quality products for gamers. We are excited to bring a new G Challenge to gamers and open a new gateway into the world of racing."

At the same time, Vincent Borel, General Manager of Gaming Simulation added: "McLaren is a pioneer in the automotive space and hyper-competitive world of F1. We are thrilled to continue our partnership and broaden our commitment to a shared vision that elevates eRacing within the world of gaming and beyond.

"Together with McLaren, we will create a thrilling eRacing experience that will ignite the passion and racing spirit in all of us." The details of the G Challenge will be updated as they have asked to keep looking at www.logitechgchallenge.com for more information.


[Image courtesy: Carlos Sainz Website] [Note: This story was also written by me on FormulaRapida.net]

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