McLaren F1...A Study.

Not quite sure how to pitch this, but with my TVR almost finished I'm beginning to embark on a whole different sort of project.

A (Virtual) build of a Mclaren F1.

"What the hell does that mean?" I hear you ask, In essence its a very good excuse/driver to research and reverse engineer as much about my absolute dream car as possible. At the same time enhancing the basic CAD skills I'm starting out with (As an active automotive engineer, these are valuable skills).

It'll be a long process, and the chances are fairly incomplete - but the important thing here is that I'm not too fussed about replicating 100% of the parts on CAD, but those I do tackle must be thoroughly researched and replicated.

Quality NOT Quantity.

So far I've visited the car on display at the peterson auto museum in L.A. and collected a fairly good catalogue of photos showing various areas of the car.

I have SolidWorks 2007 (old but it'll do the trick) and an old version of ANSYS (for structural analysis. I meant it when I said thorough. Every part must be near enough functional should I ever wish to get them made.)
I also have "imageJ" for measuring images once a scale can be deduced.

Basically a study into the finest ever car to be created.

I've also found out the following carry-over parts:
Rear Lights - Bova Coach(/Truck?)
Front Indicators - Lotus Elan/Esprit
Headlight Projectors - BMW E34
Key - BMW E36 (or similar Era BMW)
Boot Lock - BMW E36/E34
Mirror Switch - Corsa B
Electric Window Switches - BMW E36
Indicator/Headlight Stalks - BMW E34 based
Mirrors - VW Corrado
CD Changer - Kenwood KDC C-600 (may be useful for scaling)

I thought I would tackle the pedal box first and found these:

Using the below below chart (the ISO specifications for Allen Head Bolts) assuming some of them are M8 it got me started to work out the scale.

I rotated the image, and counted the number of pixels to see how many pixels/mm - A bit rough and ready, but it gets me started.

From that, I've started to tackle the clutch pedal, bare in mind that I know I have lots to learn! (which is one of the main reasons for doing this)

So from this drawing found in the F1 GTR user guide, I now have this in Solidworks... (about 2 hours work....)

And I threw togther a pedal for good measure...

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