McLaren has "no plans" for EVs and SUVs

The brand will move hybrid, including on the P1 replacement

46w ago

Although its supercar rivals are moving to alternative vehicle types and alternative fuel supplies, McLaren is committed to building internal combustion supercars. However, the brand is happy to have electricity helping those cars go even faster. Speaking to Car and Driver, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt revealed that being "a lower-volume manufacturer, our strategy is built around one platform." For that reason, the brand wants to stay with the current platform as long as possible.

However, their home English market is taking that time away. Strict regulations banning the sale of all gasoline cars in the market by 2035 was "a surprise, and not a particularly nice one," Flewitt admitted. He said that "moving to 2035 is aggressive" especially considering the lack of infrastructure and technology presently. The banning of hybrids as well is even more problematic. McLaren, therefore, is lobbying with other automakers for hybrids to be excluded.

Either way, though, the global reach of the brand means they'll keep selling internal combusion cars far past 2035. There will certainly be a "mixed powertrain strategy" by the brand for years to come. The brand will move to EVs eventually, but at different speeds for different markets. The McLaren P1, due in 2024, hasn't had it's powertrain announced, but Flewitt said it will be a hybrid or EV.

But it certainly doesn't seem like the latter, as he Flewitt says that EVs do not present a good option for the performance driving McLaren stands for. Addressing massively powerful EVs like the Lotus Evija and Pininfarina Battista, he said that "they're incredible... but how long do you think you could drive them flat out?"

Flewitt reaffirmed what the brand has said about not making an EV, but he says they won't stray at all from supercars. The numbers they have, he says, are good, and he wants to invest in the brand. New options might be explored moving forward, but "there are no plans currently."

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  • I love McLarens but that SUV render on the poll? Hideous😂

      10 months ago
  • If I could afford one I’d buy something different. I’m working for a 2019 Z06 for next year. Maybe...

      10 months ago
    • Yah, cause you sure the heck ain’t getting no traction on that cold blacktop. It’s been spin spin spin all winter. I’m just saying, for the money it’s a deal and a legit supercar.

        10 months ago