McLaren in Kyiv

The McLaren F1 Team arrived to Kyiv to show their car and make some sponsorship

I live in Kyiv, Ukraine, and I`m real F1 fan. Two teams that I love are Mercedes and McLaren, I was happy to see the real F1 car in real life. There wasn`t too much people cause they don`t watch F1 and they don`t know what is it and so on, so it was easy to take some photos.

Firstly, you can see how many details are on the front wing, how many aerodynamical parts are presented

The main thing is halo and the wheel, how big are they. Now you cal realize how difficult is it to ride this great machine!))

Smooth operator

Carlos sainz

I`ll finish with the most famous Sainz` phrase that he sad after 2019 Hungarian GP

Thanks for your attention

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