McLaren Is Definitely Taking the 720S Racing

The 650 was a race car so it is only natural that its successor follow suit.

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McLaren is a motorsport brand. There is no McLaren without motorsport so it makes sense that even though they make road cars they would eventually revert to form and make a racing version. It started with the MP4-12C, continued with the 650S and will live on with the 720S.

Like its predecessors the 720S will race in the global GT3 spec. McLaren announced that they will unveil the car next summer followed by a rigorous testing schedule with a competitive debut in 2019.

McLaren Automotive boss Mike Flewitt said, "It was vital we remained in GT3. Motorsport is part and parcel of what McLaren is and what our customers see as the brand. "A few years ago we were only talking about Europe, but GT3 is growing around the world, and that suits us down to the ground because we a global company selling cars in 30 different countries. We wanted more and more of the business under our control and we are now at a point where we can take development of the GT3 car under our management."

Another interesting development appears to be the the restructuring of the motorsports group within McLaren. CRS GT Limited who has been operating under the McLaren GT banner is reportedly out and former Strakka Racing team principal Dan Walmsley, works in McLaren's special operations division, is set to lead their GT racing department. McLaren as yet to comment on the situation.

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