McLaren Is Making A New Car! Will It Be A Worthy Successor To The P1?

Mark your calendars for December 10th. They'll be making an announcement

3y ago

Well this caught us completely not off guard. The maker of so many different car models within the past handful of years, McLaren Automotive will be announcing a new car! Since they've developed their three tier product structure in 2015, consisting of the Sports Series, Super Series, and the Ultimate Series, McLaren Automotive has been on a nonstop streak of producing new models year after year.

This time, the Ultimate Series gets its turn. A series that's currently populated by a meager singular model (two if you count both the P1 and P1 GTR), will get a sibling or possibly a successor. Codenamed P15, McLaren Automotive mentions that it will be a "road-legal track car unlike anything we've built before."

Just like all teasers, there's nothing more than a singular photo, this time it's a shot of a partial rear end. The rear end of this new project "P15" resembles the same design language that's found on the all new 720S. We can probably expect the front end to look similar to the new Super Series brethren as well.

Stick around and mark your calendars on December 10th. We'll definitely be watching to see what the new Ultimate Series car will be like, and whether it's a true replacement for one of the Holy Trinity of cars.

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  • If its anything like the 720s then god give strength to anyone who decides to buy anything else

      3 years ago