McLaren is now officially in Poland

From now on, McLaren is officially available in Poland. Yesterday there was a ceremonial opening of a new showroom located on Ostrobramska Street in Warsaw. It is managed by AutoFus Group, which is the exclusive representative of McLaren in Poland. They are also representatives of Rolls-Royce, Alpina and BMW.

In the modern 230 sqm showroom we can order all the currently offered models and personalize them according to our own preferences. There is a qualified staff waiting for us on place, showcases filled with optional equipment and we have the opportunity to see the full portfolio of the British manufacturer with the latest 720S Spyder at the forefront.

For those who are interested in buying a car, there are also demo cars that can be used for test driving. Currently, we can do such drives behind the wheel of 570S Spyder and 600LT.

Polish premiere of McLaren GT

At the opening of the new 32nd McLaren showroom in the world and 25th showroom in Europe, we were the first in this part of Europe to have a close look at McLaren’s latest child, the new McLaren GT. It was its second European premiere, just after the world premiere in the UK.

The car makes an incredible impression live. It opens a whole new chapter in the McLaren range, with the 570GT model presented a few years ago. The new model is an ultra-comfortable car that combines the power of a supercar with the luxury of a classic Grand Tourer.

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