McLaren LIED about the specs of the new Artura

Is McLaren telling us porkies about their new '671bhp' supercar?

17w ago

O​n Thursday 18th February, McLaren unveiled their latest supercar to replace the 570s. It's called the Artura and it has raised mixed opinions throughout the automotive community.

The car is claimed to make 671bhp (680PS), which is a ludicrous amount of power to use on the street. However, what McLaren conveniently left out of their press release is that the Artura makes 671bhp for only 15 seconds of full-throttle, after which it makes around 40bhp fewer.

Now, in the real world, this isn't really going to matter. There aren't any roads in the UK that you could pin the throttle in any McLaren for 15 seconds on. It would be very illegal, not to mention extremely dangerous. However, for track driving and Nurburgring lap times, this matters.

So why did McLaren keep quiet about this? In the world of 700bhp Ferraris and Lamborghinis, it's understandable that McLaren want to keep up with rival supercars in their sector. However, it would have been much more effective to market the car as a 630bhp supercar, that can give you 671bhp for a while - almost as a bit of a party trick.

Do you think McLaren were right or wrong to do this? Comment your thoughts below and we can have a discussion.

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  • Only folks who can afford one would be bothered? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      4 months ago