- The McLaren M2B ( Credits : www.wheelsage.org )


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Since 1958 the New Zealander Bruce McLaren had raced in Formula 1 with the Cooper team achieving excellent results, but in the mid-60s their performances started to be less competitive.

Bruce McLaren, founder and pilot of the team ( Credits : www.hemmings.com )

It was in these years that the New Zealand pilot began to think about making his own sports car: the M2B. He first competed with it in the championship starting from the 1966 season.

Bruce McLaren with Robin Herd ( Credits : www.mclaren.com )

The development of the car was entrusted to the engineer Robin Herd. Herd was a former aeronautical engineer who had the intuition to make the monocoque frame in mullite, a material composed of a layer of fine balsa wood covered with duralumin plates. This had the purpose of making the car faster and more resistant and it was initially set up also to use a rear wing, even if this solution was later dropped.

The interior ( Credits : www.wheelsage.org )

As a power unit, a 305 hp Ford V8 406 fitted with a five-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive while the body was fibreglass.

Side section ( Credits : www.wheelsage.org )

The car suffered mechanical problems that lasted the entire season and the only noteworthy results were a sixth place at the British GP and a fifth place at the US GP.

Rear section ( Credits : www.wheelsage.org )

At the end of the season, the car was replaced by the new M4B, that the McLaren would have used starting from the next year.

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