McLaren Must Not Forget They Were "destroyed" at Zandvoort Says Andreas Seidl

Even though Mclaren seem on top of the world now, theres still a lot to work on...

10w ago

After Daniel Ricciardo's and Mclaren well-deserved 1-2 victory at Monza, it is quite easy to be caught up in the buzz and be memorized by the glitz and glamour. After a well-earned weeks-long celebration right after the captivating Italian Grand Prix, Mclaren team principal, Andreas Seidl wants to bring the team back to earth and remind them to not ease off their push to get to the front of the grid.

The Woking-based team became the first team in the 2021 season to take a 1-2, with Daniel Ricciardo leading Lando Norris over the chequered flag, taking Mclaren's first 1-2 lockout and victory in a while. In any case, the excitement is still there, but despite all the celebrations and triumphs, Andreas Seidl is crystal clear about just how there is loads of room for improvement that his squad needs to make. Compared to the top teams at the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, Andreas thinks that they were plummeting a week before Monza which showed the British teams full potential and steps they have to take.

“What I respect, looking at Mercedes and Red Bull, is that they have a car that can fight for the win every single weekend,” explained Seidl.

“That is the gap we have as a team compared to these guys, so I am not too focused on a 1-2 or whatever. In the end it is a sensational result for us, but only seven days before we got destroyed in Zandvoort in terms of performance.

“That is the gap we still have to the top teams with our car, and that is why we have to keep working hard in order to keep closing the gap in all kinds of circuits.” Seidl explained.

It was evidently clear to Andreas and to everyone after the victory at Monza that Mclaren has not only made a step but has made massive steps in the past 2 years. The once-dominant team is fighting to be at the top of the grid with all the top constructors and will be there in no time soon.

“It is the best motivation to keep going,” he said. “I am obviously very happy with what both drivers showed, and I am very happy with Daniel making his steps since the summer break and getting back to where he wants to be, where we want to have him. “And this is in addition to Lando, who is in unbelievable form this year and obviously that’s the drive that we want to have and we need to have in order to fight for Ferrari, and in order to keep going in our journey towards the front in Formula 1 again.” Divulged Andreas Seidl

With one of the strongest driver lineups on the grid, a fast MCL35M, finishing third in constructors last year, it seems as Mclaren's win that has come after 12 years was meant to be now, with Daniel, and at the right moment. It has been a while, but it was done In the right way where Mclaren wouldn't have wanted it another way. Furthermore, Mclaren isn't done yet, and this win for them at Monza was just the beginning of their new and improved story. The papaya-colored team is looking to beat Ferrari for that third place in the constructors' championship, and move up from there.

“It is not frustrating to see other guys winning, because in the end if you win the race you deserve it,” he said.

“The more important thing for me is to see that we continually improve as a team, so in the end we are going to get to that point as a team to win races down to our own performances each weekend, independent of track characteristics, tire selection, track conditions. That’s what I am focused on.

“But obviously we want to take opportunities when they are there, because obviously a moment like [the Italian GP] is simply unforgettable for everyone in the team.

Andreas closed off by saying “It is important to celebrate these moments because they do not come that often at the moment for us. But we are on the up. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are very happy how we could pull this off.”

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Comments (13)

  • Seidel was correct to take this cautionary position with his team and drivers. The 1-2 finish at Monza was so fantastic (and probably unexpected) that they could easily have floated along unfocused for the rest of the season

    Seidel’s approach will keep them grounded. Great article.

      2 months ago
    • Thank you. And I totally agree David, that victory was beyond amazing and well-deserved, and i’m glad that Andreas knows how getting caught up in the glamour could affect them if they don’t stay grounded!

        2 months ago
  • Ferrari is getting a power unit upgrade soon. Let's go catch the McLarens!

      2 months ago
  • I think this is a good approach. Allow them to celebrate victories as they come, but caution them about complacency.

      2 months ago
  • It's always a pleasure my friend. McLaren needs to bring back these race suits to win 😁

      2 months ago
    • Yesss, I want to see those back, sadly the sponsors wouldn’t allow it 😭

        2 months ago
    • " Back when sex was safe and racing was dangerous " as Sir jackie Stewart would say. 😊

        2 months ago
  • Seidl seems smart

      2 months ago