- First Speedtail test mule!

McLaren Names First Speedtail Prototype 'Albert'

The test car is called Albert, no really!

2y ago

By Phil Bradley

Now that the long awaited Speedtail has been unveiled, and we've all got over it's very different styling and design, McLaren can now set about testing it on the public roads without worrying about it being spotted by the media! The British manufacturer can now start track tests, durability testing and road trials.

Leading the test programme is this Speedtail test mule, which McLaren have named 'Albert'. It's not just a random name either, Albert Drive was one of the test mules used for the McLaren F1. Albert has a 720S-style front end, but McLaren state that the car has a production specification chassis and a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain. The car also uses the unique three-seat cockpit.

Tests will start with private track sessions in the Albert, or MVY02 mule. McLaren have stated that road trials will begin in December, so expect to start this thing out on the street!

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Comments (4)

  • it is certainly a curious name for it... but then I remember that there was a plymouth fury called christine and a 1982 pontiac firebird called KITT

      2 years ago
  • Does it stutter?

      2 years ago
  • "ALBERT!" Perhaps they're getting ready for when Hammond bins it, fills its tank up with water or stuffs it into a ford. Or a Ford. Other marques are, of course, available for your popular diminutive car wrecking connoisseur.

      2 years ago