McLaren P1 GTR VS Aston Martin Vulcan - The Ultimate Track Car Shootout

3y ago
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Which car would you pick for the ultimate track day? Faced with the McLaren P1 GTR, the Aston Martin Vulcan, and an open Rockingham racetrack - Henry Catchpole and Jethro Bovingdon have a tough decision to make. Which British brute will come out on top?

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Comments (15)

  • That was a proper car video! Not the nonsense and annoying jokes that seem to be customary these days with online video channels. If we could only have more of these videos...

      3 years ago
  • "sadly for us there will never be another day like this"...

    Lucky barstewards getting ONE day at least :p

      3 years ago
  • Looked a tough day at the office 😊

      3 years ago
  • My God that was stunning, your films never disappoint

      3 years ago
  • Nice to see these two in the right environment for burning petrol!

      3 years ago
    • in Dire Strait off some heavy fuel Henry and Jethro after that adventure.

        3 years ago